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Course Registration

All (Living Social, Paypal, Groupon and privately arranged) Class scheduling’s and bookings are now conveniently managed through the Groupon Scheduler application. If you are registering for groups of two or more you must register separately.
When you are using with the Groupon Scheduler application you will be required to give a response in a text field. Please include:

  • The method of payment (Groupon, Living social or PayPal)
  • The voucher (Living Social or (PayPal receipt) number.
  • The names of any persons who will be attending the class with you.
  • Course Sizes & Registration Deadlines

    Registering at least six to four weeks prior to the course start date is especially advisable as courses fill up quickly. This is especially true for Saturday classes.

    Deposit & Payments

    Payment in full for the course and materials fees is required. Payments must be made in US funds by cash, check or money order payable to Kary Kilmer. We also accept PayPal

    Cancellation Policy

    If notice of cancellation is not given prior to 10 Business days then your deposit or un expired “deal” vouchers will be forfeited. Cancellations, within 24 hours and no shows forfeit any deposit. Living social, Groopon and Zowzee vouchers will become invalid.
    All cancellations within 10 Business days will be considered as “no shows” for parties of two or more. Therefore any deposits or vouchers will be forfeited. Exceptions will only be made for medical emergencies or acts of god on a case by case basis and documentation is required.

    If we must cancel a course

    Our minimum class size is six. In the unlikely event that we cancel a class due to low enrollment, those who have registered will receive a credit and an extention. If a class is canceled, we are not responsible for reimbursing travel costs or other reservation fees.

    Silver Upgrades.

    The Living social voucher only covers the basic class tuition and studio and material fees. Tuition: $100, Studio rental and tool usage fee: $50.00

    The studio and materials fee for each class offering covers the base metal (for practice before we go to silver), waste due to student error, wear and tear on hand tools and the leasing of a conference size room to hold the classes.

    The silver upgrade is entirely optional. The instruction, process and experience is entirely the same. However, the living Social vouchers do not apply to the silver upgrades. The price for the silve upgrade in all projects is $65.00(save $10.00) when you pre pay with paypal or $75.00 on the day of the class.

    Class Title

    Policy For Expired Living Social Vouchers

    Each Living Social “Deal” combines two separate portions that make up the “Deal”:

  • 1. A paid portion equal to the amount a customer pays (the 'paid value');
  • 2. A promotional portion for the balance of the value of the Deal if used before the promotional expiration date (the 'promotional value').
  • Example:
    $150.00 towards Jewelry Making Class purchased for $30.00

  • 150.00 Is the Promotional Value.
  • 30.00 Is the Paid Value
  • The promotional value typically expires at an earlier date than the paid value. After expiration of the 'deal', the voucher must still be honored for the paid, depending on the nature of the deal.
    Typically, the paid value should be honored for at least five years after purchase, but some states may require that the paid value never expire.

    The full paid value is only applicable towards the full list price of any class offerings. Voucher coupons are not applicable to any other discounted promotional offerings made by Kary Kilmer Jewelry Design LLC, or promotional offerings/coupons made in conjunction with other companies.